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Website's aim

This website has been created in order to increase visibility of the offer, production and results linked to the Educational Activities and Research carried out by myself, full professor of Corporate Finance in the Faculty of Economics at La Sapienza in Rome, together with Colleagues, Collaborators and Students of the Management Department.

The website is meant for an audience of the academic world: to Students, to Alumni who have by now entered the working world, and to Authorities and Companies interested in Research and Training Partnerships ith the University.

Everyone will find information, documents, materials, guides, and answers which they may be interested in. We welcome advice, requests and suggestions in order to improve the website. 


Website's structure

Information is grouped into users' categories (i.e. Students, Alumni, Authorities and Companies). Those who access the different areas can then select their area of interest (i.e. Teaching activities, Research, Tools, Notices).

The Common Area Space allows interested users to access Financial Publications; to learn more (through Curricula) not only about Professors and Collaboratos cited in the website, but also the most promising Graduates; to contact us (through Contacts) using forms meant to ease communication. 

The Reserved Area Space is only accessible by Professors and university Collaborators.

The different sections and texts are linked and the website is organized in order to be consulted like a book (also through the internal search function). It is not meant to dispense documents.



General information are available to everyone.

Those who are interested in Research and Study Activities and wish to play an active part in the proposed initiatives will need to register .

All are very welcome



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